5 Simple Self-Care Habits

Welcome back to this week’s post everyone! This past week has been so crazy busy with all the company Edwin and I have had and as much fun as it was, it’s nice to go back to our daily routines. I was late on uploading my vlog (which you can watch here) and also didn’t put out a blog post last week but I’m super stoked to be back. So - let’s get started.

I was rewatching my 2018 resolutions video and took notice that I have completely disregarded my pledge to start taking better care of myself. Despite having gotten a gym membership, I’ve only gone a handful of times over the last few months. The great thing (and the terrible thing) about the way I gain weight is that I gain it very evenly throughout my body, so I end up wearing the weight pretty well. Then I end up getting complacent which is terrible! 

I’m the kind of person that criticizes themselves constantly - mostly because my confidence is built upon a wobbly foundation. So I took some time one night, sat down, and wrote out all the things I want to do differently to not only take care of myself physically but mentally and spiritually as well. I believe a healthy balance of mind, body, and soul are crucial to your inner peace. 


Cutting Down Sugar

I love food. And because I usually never have groceries, I tend to eat out a lot. While our friends were here we ate out almost every single meal and, while food is great, some times you just want a nice, simple home cooked meal. Eating out gets super expensive and it’s so unhealthy. Over the course of a few months my soda and sugar intake sky-rocketed. I went from drinking soda every once in a while to drinking large portions three times a day. I went from drinking maybe two small cups of coffee a day to two Trenta portions at Starbucks. 

I was becoming so dependent on soda and sugar without even realizing it and that’s scary! It’s so easy to get addicted to such simple things. So, I personally cut back cold-turkey. I cut out all soda and if I do have it it’s a small portion once a week. As for coffee, I cut back significantly. I have my one cup in the morning and maybe one tall cup from Starbucks in the afternoon if I feel a headache coming on. Even though it’s only been about a week, I can already feel a huge difference in my body. I don’t feel nearly as bloated and my skin is reacting better to less sugar. It’s a simple step but it makes such a huge difference. 

Morning Stretches

I’ll always kick myself for never appreciating how in shape I was in high school. I did sports year-round for four years and ate nothing but fish and veggies. I was in the best shape of my life. And can you believe I still thought I was overweight and unhealthy? I didn’t keep up a healthy regimen while in college and slowly all my athleticism left my body. 

After having worked for Disney and now Costco, two very physically taxing jobs, my body just isn’t what it used to be. My back constantly hurts, my knees ache… it feels like I’m 24 going on 84. So, I started doing some morning stretches for about 10-15 minutes a day and it’s made a pretty big difference in my flexibility. It sounds like a no brainer but you’d be surprised how easy it is to slip out of healthy habits. 

Reading More

During my undergrad I did a lot of reading. Being an English major it was kind of a no brainer. But as the years went on I read a little less and less when I became preoccupied with working strange hours and doing other things. All I intake is the information I get on my phone through apps and social media and while that can be helpful for quick information, it’s important to step back and read things with substance. 

While I haven’t been into any good books lately (which is a shame and if anyone has any suggestions please let me know!) I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately. I was once told if you want to become good at anything, read up on it. Want to learn how to code? Read. Want to become a better cook? Read and study recipes. Want to learn the ins and outs of good, substantial blogging? Read good blogs! So that’s what I’ve been doing. It never hurts to pick up a new hobby or read up on new topics. 


This one is really, really hard for me personally. As great as I think I am at communicating, when it comes to really opening up and becoming vulnerable it’s actually really hard for me. However, it’s really important for your relationships, your friendships, and for yourself that you have healthy, open lines of communication.

I’m lucky that I have Edwin who really pushes me to have a healthy relationship with lots of communication - and it’s easy with him because most of the time I want to communicate. My problem usually come from being a people pleaser in which case I’ll always hold my tongue to make someone else happy. It’s a gift and a curse. 


Forgiving Your Mistakes

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m my own worst critic. I’ll rip myself to pieces before I ever give myself any credit and that’s such a terrible habit to have. Some might think of it as me holding myself to a higher standard but it’s actually debilitating to constantly be in such a self critical state of mind. The worst is being aware of it and not being able to change it. 

I’ve messed up on diets, on projects both for work and personally, relationships - you name it and I’ve messed it up. Sometimes I even blame myself when something isn’t my fault. Now that I’m even more aware of this toxic mentality, I try to take steps to forgive myself for A) thinking of myself so negatively in the first place B) forgive the mistake: whatever it is C) learn from it and move on. 

Fun Fact: I'm using these photos from my latest trip to Disneyland as an exercise in forgiving myself. I hated the outfit I wore to the parks. I felt extremely self-conscious about my tummy, my thighs, and the fact that my hair wasn't done but you know what? These photos turned out great and I look amazing! I chose to forgive all my negative thoughts that day to embrace my figure and these awesome photos that Edwin took. 

That’s it! Putting self care practices into effect can be easier said than done sometimes but even the smallest changes can make big differences. Make sure to share your self care tips and tricks in the comments below ! Until next time.

Love Always

The Honest Pisces