5 Things to Know Before Starting a Blog

Hello Everyone and Welcome back to The Honest Pisces! 

For this week’s post I’m going to talk to you guys about something that’s been on my mind lately. Since starting my blog I’ve received so much amazing, positive feedback and it really makes me want to continue creating content. However, there are some things about blogging that, while I somewhat expected, it was still a little shocking to experience. If you’re thinking about starting a blog do it! But here are a few things I want you do know before hand.

It Takes Time

Everything about blogging takes time. Setting up your blog, thinking of a domain name, growing your blog and audience… I remember getting so frustrated trying to set up my template. It took me hours. I wanted to give up right then and there but I kept going and here we are a year later! If you want a bit of an in depth look as to my blogging and blogging tools as well as how I started my blog then read my post here!

I think the most frustrating part is that stage of growing your audience. Instagram is such an amazing tool to help showcase your photos and your blog. It’s where I’ve managed to capture most of my audience. It’s even a great tool to help interact with your followers! Once you start, it’s really easy to get sucked into the number of followers and likes you have. Worse yet, you start comparing yourself to other accounts and influencers and I urge you not to worry about it. 


Consistency is Key

Staying consistent with your content is so important to your growth as a blogger! For me, I would eventually love to grow my blog to the point where I could make it my job but for now, it’s a hobby. When first starting my blog all I wanted to do was create content. It can get really tricky trying to balance a job that pays you vs. your hobby. My best piece of advice would be not to put yourself down if you miss an upload or can’t get content out in time. While you should always strive to be consistent, you can’t beat yourself up about it. I find the thing that helps me the most is putting myself on a schedule. Blogs go up Sunday, videos go up Wednesday and Friday if I can manage it, and so on. 

It Can Be Expensive

When I first started blogging I just used whatever tools I had lying around the house. The camera on my phone, my laptop - it’s basically free to start. The problem comes from purchasing. As a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogger most of my money goes to buying clothes, going on coffee dates, exploring cities and it can get super expensive. 

Between eating out, paying for parking, putting online orders on credit cards and a bunch of other expenses, you can end up paying a lot for your blog and content. If you’re not being paid to be a blogger, the expense can seem overwhelming when you break it down. Before you know it you have a bunch of clothes, make up, you end up tired from being out and taking photos all day and no money left over. Your life becomes cluttered with stuff. There’s a certain level of balance you need to strike when first blogging - especially if you’re going to pay for it all yourself. 


Looks Can Be Deceiving

I think we’ve all been there. We glorify certain people online because they look happy in all their photos or they like to portray that they lead perfect lives and it’s so easy to get sucked into the Instagram game and feel inadequate. I don’t think bloggers are to blame for this. I think it’s just an innate human trait to constantly compare ourselves to others to validate our successes. There are so many people online (not just bloggers) that are completely different in person. Some might not be so nice, some might FaceTune their bodies - you never know! 

I think the key to growth, staying happy, and having an audience that truly loves you and what you create is to be genuine. It sounds so cheesy but it’s true! Personally, I have a hard time taking photos and writing posts that don’t feel like “me.” Which is funny because I used to be such a good liar and now that I’m 24 all I want is to surround myself with genuine people. I can’t lie to save my life now - I just feel so guilty! So if you go to a blogger event and your favorite blogger turns out to be a total jerk, don’t get discouraged! Push yourself to be the opposite of that. Be everything you want to be and don’t compare yourself to others. 

Do It Because You Love It

I started blogging for a lot of different reasons and the journey has changed throughout the years. Since starting The Honest Pisces, I wanted a space where I could grow. Where I could push myself outside of my comfort zone and share my experiences as an individual. Be a fashion blogger and a writer, spilling out some of my most intimate life details. It became a space to grow my self confidence and document my journey as a human. 

I’ve mentioned it before but I used to be really into journaling. I’d say over the last two years this blog has been my journal. I love that it’s given Edwin and I a hobby to do together (even though sometimes taking photos together can be a bit of a nightmare. Don’t worry - I still love you babe). There are times I catch myself not living in the moment. I’m too worried about taking the perfect picture or putting together the right outfit or making sure my make up looks good. Honestly, I like doing all of those things. But remember that our realities are messy, complicated, and full of good and bad. It’s never as perfect as that latte you snapped a photo of. 

That’s everything I wanted to share with you all! I hope this shined a bit of a light into the world of blogger and hasn’t discouraged you from starting your own blogging journey. It’s probably one of the best decisions i’ve ever made and I still continue to grow from. If you decide to start your own blog feel free to leave it below so I can check it out! See you next week

Love Always

The Honest Pisces