June Favorites | 2018

Hello Everyone! Welcome to this week’s post. First things first: sorry that this post is late. I originally had the idea to upload my tips for a Disneyland Day (which is still coming - I promise!) but since we’re already well into July I thought it’d be better if I filled you guys in on everything I was loving in the month of June! Originally I was going to make a video for my monthly favorites but felt like I wanted to dedicate more time to my blog. But, without further ado, let’s get started.



The last few days here in SoCal have been so extremely hot. It’s been 90 or even over a hundred degrees for the past week so wearing make up became a bit of a challenge. Instead of using regular medium coverage foundations I’ve been opting for lighter coverage foundations with more SPF. Since I’ve taking in a lot more sun than normal the last few months, I’ve made wearing SPF a bigger priority. Taking care of my skin is a huge deal for me. In fact, a lot of today’s products are mostly base products!

Wet & Wild Cushion Foundation

I reviewed this foundation on of my channel a few weeks ago (which you can watch here) and was instantly blown away. It was everything I wanted in a cushion foundation. It’s super lightweight with a light yet almost medium coverage foundation that gives your skin healthy glow. My favorite way to apply this foundation is with my beauty sponge. For $4.99 you can’t really go wrong.

No. 7 Lift & Luminate Foundation

I love this foundation because it isn’t so much a foundation as it is a tinted moisturizer. I love taking a pump or two of this and applying it all over my face with my hands. It evens out my skin tone while providing sun protection and lasts a relatively long time on the skin if set properly. It’s a little bit pricer than the previous foundation at $17, but I still think it’s a great light coverage foundation for the hot summer months. 

Flower Beauty Illumination Foundation

Holy cow. Okay, so I always saw Flower Beauty at Walmart but never really gave it much of a shot. It wasn’t until I started watching Drew Barrymore (the brand’s owner) doing videos with some of my favorite YouTubers that I started to consider this brand. I love Drew Barrymore so much and getting to see her fun, down-to-earth personality shine just made me want to run out and buy the product that much more. This foundation is BEAUTIFUL. I take one pump for a nice medium coverage glow ( and I do mean glow. This foundation is hella luminous which I love). I love how it looks applied with a beauty sponge.

Milani Starlight Palette - Rose Glow

Talk about highlight. This palette from Milani is stunning! I’m surprised more people aren’t talking about it. I tried out this palette in this video here and was instantly blown away at how beautiful it looked on my skin. I must admit - it can be really easy to get carried away with this. Sometimes I’ll look in the mirror and think my skin is super oily but it’s just the highlight! I’ve learned I need to chill on looking like I ate a bucket of KFC in one sitting, but nonetheless I think this palette is amazing - especially for $12. 



I’ve been trying really hard to experiment more with my style. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of style favorites but the two that I do have I think you’ll love too. 

“We the Free” Sangria Tee

I love shopping the Free People Sale section. I find so many cute accessories and tops there for much more reasonable prices. I recently purchased this tee for only $20 and I’ve been wearing it non stop. It is so comfortable and flowey and beautiful. However, It can look like a little bit of a muumuu if not styled properly.

My favorite way to style it is with a pair of high waisted, ripped denim shorts, a camel colored belt, and some booties. It gives you a touch of that Southern vibe without screaming “YEEHAW” in your face. Here I’ve paired it with some jeans which I think works well but I definitely prefer shorts. I know this top is no longer sold on their site BUT I have seen similar options at target. Any flowy, oversized tee will do, really. This is also such a great item to help you keep cool in the heat. 

Bandanas and Bows

It’s taken me a really long time to get into accessories. I used to absolutely despise wearing necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. I still don’t enjoy wearing too much but I can’t deny that accessories can add a certain flair to your outfits. Recently I’ve been super into bandanas. Wether it’s in my hair or adding them to my bags, I just love the way bandanas look. Additionally, I’ve been loving wearing slightly more oversized bows as well. Free People sells my favorite ones and they’re on sale for $10 in all sorts of different colors! While I feel bandanas give a more edger look, bows (when worn properly) can add such a beautiful, effortless, feminine look. Don’t be scared to try a new trend! I was super apprehensive to try hair accessories but I get compliments all the time when I wear them!

Blogs and Channels

Part of learning and growing as a blogger and “influencer” is watching other bloggers and influencers so I’m really excited to be sharing with you some of my favorite bloggers, instagrammers, and YouTubers.


I started watching Gemary’s YouTube videos about a year ago and have been in love with her ever since. She’s a Latina (just like me!) Beauty Blogger living in Miami. You can just tell how much time and effort has been put into her videos, photos, and content. You can check out Gemary’s blog here and her Instagram here

Jayce Henry

Some of you might remember Jayce from my not-so-long-ago collab with her. She and I wrote blog posts about some of the things we learned while doing our Disney College Programs. But if you follow her blog she talks about so much more than just Disney. Beauty, her dog Gus, and Podcasts she’s loving - you name it and she probably has it. She’s such a sweet girl with a beautiful heart (and a beautiful face - honestly I’m a little jelly) and her instagram is BOMB. You can read Jayce’s blog here and check out her Instagram here

Shane Dawson

Shane is already pretty much one of the grandfathers of YouTube. He’s been on the platform for the last 12 years but it wasn’t until the last few months that I started watching his videos. He produces some of the best, funniest, honest, raw, and heartwarming videos I think out of anybody on YouTube. I’m constantly dying of laughter (which I rarely ever do with YouTube Videos) and wishing I could be a part of his circle of friends. If you need a laugh or just a video with a good message, watch any of his recent uploads like his documentary series with Bunny Meyers (aka Grav3yardGirl) or his TanaCon series. They’re honestly brilliant. It’s no wonder he has 14 Million subscribers. 

That’s everything for my June favorites guys! I hope you enjoyed and please feel free to leave me any of your favorites in the comments whether it’s books, beauty, food - anything! I love getting to hear from you. Until next time!

Love Always

The Honest Pisces