My Engagement

Hello all! 
What a special blog post this will be. I know I said I’d be bringing you part two of my Disney series this week but something pretty major happened this past weekend that I just had to share with you: I GOT ENGAGED!

It’s been a whirlwind of a weekend and I’ve been so emotional the last few days but I wanted to share with you all my engagement story as well as some of the amazing photos done by our photographer Luisa (who you can check out here).


The Proposal

Edwin and I have been planning our little October staycation for about the past two months. I was so excited to get our Disneyland passes and just spend time together but little did I know he’d been planning an even bigger surprise for the last 6 months.

On October 20 we woke up, left our hotel room, drove to Laguna, watched videos in the car and just relaxed. It was such a perfect day already. A few weeks prior I had agreed to be his model for a few photos. He’d bought me my dress and paid for me to get my nails done and honestly I thought nothing of it. He does that sort of thing for me all the time so little things like that never set off any alarms.


The suns about to set so I get changed and we head down to Treasure Island Beach where we always take photos. On the way down this spunky photographer stops us and tells us that her couple has bailed on her for the day and asks if we could stand in since we were dressed so nicely. So, we agreed and I, again, thought nothing of it. 

It all happened so quickly but I just remember thinking “this is so fun! It’s nice to be in front of the camera with Edwin for a change.” I even remember telling him “Just think - one of these days we’re going to have to do this when we get engaged.” Little did I know! 

Luisa then takes us to a small, secluded area where a small picnic area with some pillows, flowers, and candles have been set up. You guessed it - I still thought NOTHING of it. As we sat down we noticed a box behind us which Luisa told us was full of props. As Edwin opened the box (which he made himself!) I see the ring inside and am in such disbelief. I cried. I mean, I ugly cried and I ugly cried hard. 

On top of such a beautiful proposal, my whole family had come to see me. My mom and dad flew in from Florida. My aunt, uncle, and grandma all flew in from Puerto Rico. My brother, my sister, my niece and nephew had all come to be a part of such a special day. I get chills every time I think about that day! 


To Edwin

Thank you for everything that you are. You are my best friend. My adventure buddy. My person. I think about our lives together and I just know we are going to make something special. I will forever be thankful for everything you do for me and I promise I will do everything in me to make sure you know how much I love you, always. I can’t wait for “i do.”

Thanks so much for reading this week’s post and to any one that has congratulated us, thank you! So many of you have been there for this while ride of a relationship the last three years and I can’t wait for many more.