Summer Bucket List

With summer right at our door step, I can’t help but get excited. I’m so lucky that I’ve gotten to live in tropical, sunny climates throughout my life. Every summer I put together a bucket list and try to cross off as many new and fun things as I can. Today, I thought I’d share with you my list for 2018 and maybe give you a few ideas as to what do this summer. 


Spend More Time in the Sun

Talk about a no brainer, right? Everyone’s looking to get a little color during the hotter months but I feel like the last few summers I’ve been so busy working that I haven’t been able to go to the beach or layout by the pool. Last year while in Orlando I didn’t go to the beach once and only used the pool at my apartment a whopping two times. 

I’ve already had the chance to lay out by the pool or go to the beach more times in the last 3 months than I did all of last year! It feels good to spend some time relaxing in the sun. I know it sounds weird but, to me, having a little bit of a tan goes a long way in boosting my confidence. Just remember to always wear sun screen!

Watch More Sunsets

One of my favorite things to do back in Florida was go to Clearwater Beach with my best friend, spend a day in the sun, go eat some Chili Cheese Hotdogs at Frenchy’s and watch the sunset. There’s something really calming and really humbling about watching the sun set over the sea. During my time here in California I’ve watched the sun set in Laguna and Santa Monica and the feeling is always the same: peaceful. 

There are few things in life that really put things in perspective for me. Sunsets are one of them. They make me feel small. They make me feel adventurous. They make me feel homesick. They make me hyperaware of time passing me by. I watch the sun set behind the mountains almost every day but I’d love to fill my life with more beach sunsets this summer. I’d love to feel big and small all at the same time. 



While Edwin and I were long distance, one of my favorite things about our relationship was how much we got to travel. I’d always wanted to travel and see the world. Getting to go to Arizona every few months and see something so different from what I’d always known was so exciting. Since moving, I’ve gotten to explore so much of Southern California and I’ve been so happy to do so but I’m excited for all the trips we have coming up! We’re (hopefully) going back to Florida in August and Chicago in May. It’s still on my bucket list to take the train up to San Francisco and spend a weekend away with Edwin. I hope to do so before we move again (which might be sooner than you think). 

Vlog As Much As I Can

It always seems like summertime is the time where I make the most memories. I intent to make this summer the best one yet seeing as how it might be my first and last summer in California for a while. I’m so happy that I’ve made some amazing friends here and I want to make the most of my time with my friends. Now that I’ve been vlogging and making more videos, it’s awesome to look back and see some of my best days. 


Learn to Love Myself

I know this one might sound kind of weird for a bucket list and I know that loving yourself is a constant struggle. For some people its easy, for some of us it's really, really hard. It's so hard to let yourself enjoy your life and make the most of everything when you don't even like yourself. That's right. Me - the happy, go-lucky, fun-loving, ray of sunshine - struggles to accept and love herself at all times. While I know that I'll definitely have ups and downs, I want to try to savor my ups more and stop living so much in my downs.

During the summer time, I feel my happiest. I want to learn to carry that with me throughout every season of my life. I have such wonderful, beautiful friends and a boyfriend that do their best to understand me and constantly support me even when I feel like I don't deserve it. Happiness is a choice. Sometimes it comes naturally. Sometimes you have to really put yourself in that frame of mind and choose to look at things in a positive light in order to make the best of situations.

Explore New Places & Try New Things

I love living in an area that lends itself to so much exploring. To the north is Los Angeles, to the south is Sand Diego, to the west is Laguna Beach, and so much more. Lately, Edwin and I have been exploring so much more of LA but we really want to expand our explorations. Lastly, I want to start a tradition of doing one new and out of my comfort zones. I tend to get really comfortable in my routines so I want to make sure I make the most out of my time. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy. It could be as simple as trying new places to eat, taking mini road trips, etc.

Thanks so much for reading this week’s blog post! If you have any ideas or want to share what you plan on doing this summer, please feel free to share them down below.

See you in next week’s post!

The Honest Pisces