The Autumn Vibe | My Autumn Playlist + Artist Shoutouts

Happy (almost) Fall, y’all!

I know I know - I’m jumping the gun big time with all of this fall content but I honestly can’t help it! Just knowing we’re moving towards colder, rainier weather here in SoCal makes my heart sing. No offense but I’m over the 105 degree weather every day.

Today’s post is something I’ve never done before but thought would be so much fun. I’m a huge music lover. I’m not being dramatic when I say I think I’d probably die without it. I just love art in all its different mediums and music is one of my favorites. Today I’m going to be sharing with you “the autumn vibe”: a playlist I put together of all my favorite songs that put me in the fall mood. It's a super mellow playlist filled with some new artists and a lot of old throwbacks. I know not everyone has a Spotify and can’t get access to my playlist but if you do feel free to check out my playlist here. If not - fret not! I’ll be listing all the tracks here for you! 

Artist Highlights:


The DLX is a recent discovery. My friend Jayce from LiterallyTwentySomething (whom I’ve collabed with before on this blog post) informed me her boyfriend has his own band called The DLX. I checked them out and HOLY WOW. Between the melodies and clever lyrics I can’t tell what I love more about this band. Shawn Chambliss, their lead singer, has incredible voice that really hits you right in the feels. I chose the songs “IDK” and “Words” as I really feel they showcase the bands talent and potential the most. Make sure to check out their Spotify here as well as the bands Instagram here. Nothing makes me happier than supporting up and comers. 

Sleeping At Last

I discovered Sleeping at Last via Pandora a few months ago and have been obsessed ever since. Their song “Turning Page” reminds me of Edwin every single time and for that reason alone I had to add it into the playlist. Sleeping at Last is really one of those bands that puts you in your feelings. When I’m home and I’m getting ready for bed, I have a candle lit and little fairy lights twinkling on my nightstand, Sleeping at Last is what carries me off to sleep. Their music puts me in such a chill, relaxed state and that’s why I featured three of their songs on this playlist. 

Boys Like Girls

Talk about a throwback, right? Boys Like Girls takes me aaaallll the way back to middle school when I used to rock out to their songs as if I had any idea what love and heartache felt like. Now, I love them even more. I threw in “The Great Escape” into this otherwise mellow playlist because this throw-it-all-away anthem makes me want to run away on a road trip with my favorite people and who doesn’t love that feeling? 

That’s all for my artist highlights. I really hope you guys enjoy the playlist. As always, please feel free to leave me your favorite songs in the comments down below! I’m always looking for new music. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this week’s blog post and I can’t wait to see you in the next one. 

the autumn vibe.

idk - the dlx

turning page - sleeping at last

edge of desire - john mayer

she is love - parachute

slow dancing in a burning room - john mayer

what i know - parachute

tee shirt - birdy

wings - birdy

kiss me slowly - parachute

you've got a friend in me - sleeping at last

make you feel my love - sleeping at last

let it go - james bay

nothing - the script

die trying - michl

boston - augustana

come on get higher - matt nathanson

words - the dlx

lovers in japan - coldplay

breathe (2 am) - anna nalick

chances - five for fighting

something to believe in - parachute

yellow - coldplay

the great escape - boys like girls

hero / heroine - boys like girls

two is better than one - boys like girls

rebecca maldonado