The Fall Mood

Hello all! Or should I say hello fall? Summer is almost over and my favorite time of year is almost upon us! It feels like I say that all the time but Fall and Winter have a special place in my heart. Colder weather, cozier clothes, bonfires - its such a romantic time of year. It’s not starting to feel like fall just yet here in SoCal but I thought I’d share with you my top 10 things that put me in the fall spirit. 

Wear Darker Nail Polish

Up until recently I wasn’t allowed to wear nail polish in my department at work. However, since switching departments, I’ve had so much fun playing with nail colors again. It makes me feel a bit girlier. This first tip is super simple and super inexpensive but simply wearing darker grays, blacks, oranges, or dark greens can put you in the fall spirit. 

Change Your Wardrobe

One of the best decisions I’ve made within the past year is convert to a capsule wardrobe. This means I switch out my closet based on the season. This method allows me to really get the most out of my closet while also being able to declutter it after every season. I can get rid of pieces I never wear or hang onto things I really love. Since I live in California and we’re still experiencing a bit of a last minute summer heat wave, I can’t really switch out my wardrobe yet but as soon as that colder weather starts rolling in it’ll be sweaters and booties for me for the next few months!


Just like any other girl, I love browsing Pinterest for inspiration. Fall in particular is just an inspirational time of year for me. So much so that I even have an entirely separate board just for fall things! If you don’t already, you can follow my Pinterest here. Whether it’s scrolling for pumpkin pie recipes or getting some outfit inspiration, spending some time on Pinterest is a great way to start prepping for fall. 



Speaking of putting those Pinterest recipes to good use, baking is a great way to put yourself in the festive spirit. Fresh baked cookies, pies, making brownie graveyards - these are all super sweet treats that are great for yourself or for a party. I love baking with friends and family as well as it’s a great bonding experience. Making memories is really what life is all about anyway. 

Light Some Candles

It feels like Bath and Body Works always have 3 wick candles on sale for $12 so take advantage of that and get some fall candles! I never used to light candles (mostly because I’m very clumsy and would probably accidentally burn something) but now it’s one of my favorite things to do. There’s nothing like curling up late at night after a long day, after a hot shower, after putting on some comfy PJs and fuzzy socks and reading a book with the scent of fall in the air. 

Change Your Color Palette

Sometimes something as simple as changing your wardrobe color palette from bright colors to more deep and autumnal shades is all you need. Instead of wearing that bright yellow dress opt for the burnt orange one. Instead of wearing sneakers maybe pair those cute jeans with some booties. Incorporate more greens, mustard yellows, oranges, and browns as well as a few prints into your wardrobe. The same goes for make up! I love switching from neutrals to more warm oranges and browns. It’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference.


Spend a Cozy Night In

This is literally one of my favorite things to do. I’ve written a previous post where I talk through some of my products on a Girls Night In which you can read here. However, a cozy night in can be as simple as coming home, taking a night relaxing bath, putting on your fanciest PJs (I recommend every girls have at least one PJ set that makes her feel a little fancy) putting on some body butter, put on your cozy socks, light a candle and watch a movie or read a book. Things like this are things that make me feel so much better about myself and about my life. It’s really a time to decompress and appreciate that life really isn’t so bad. 


I love bonfires. I love getting together with friends, drinking a few beers (PSLs, let’s be real), and gabbing about life. So much of life is made up of little moments like that and its important to create them and surround yourself with quality people. When I look back on life, I want to make sure I have memories of laughing and having a good time. I want to make sure the people I care about are happy. I love bonfires because I feel like, at night, everyone is a little vulnerable. Everyone opens up. Real connections are born. It’s a beautiful thing. 


Read a Book

This is probably the hardest topic for me because I’m SO PICKY when it comes to books! I love romance but don’t want it to be too cheesy (spoilers - romance books are always cheesy but that’s okay). I love mystery and scary stories but can never find any good books. However, I love reading and haven’t read a good book in a very long time and that makes me super sad. So, if you have any book recommendations for this fall season, please make sure to leave them down in the comments! 

Watch Hocus Pocus

I honestly saved the best for last because Hocus Pocus is quintessential fall. Its the movie I watch every year to commence the fall season. Its the movie I watch every Halloween. Its a classic! I know that not everyone loves scary movies quite like I do so I feel like Hocus Pocus is the perfect mix of funny and spooky. 

I hope these tips help you guys transition into the fall season! Its crazy to think that the year is almost coming a close. It feels like summer just started. If you guys have any other tips for easing into the fall season feel free to leave it in the comments below! See you next week

Love always,

The Honest Pisces