Top 5 Fall Trends

It has been so SO long since I’ve written a blog post for The Honest Pisces and that makes me so sad. However, I’m back this week with a brand new post and it’s something that everyone has been asking me for: Fall Wardrobe Trends!

Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons mostly because autumn and winter clothing is my jam. I’d rather be wearing layers than a tank top and shorts. It’s still so hot here in SoCal so I’m not quite ready to start breaking out my sweaters and coats but it’s never too soon to start buying your pieces. So, without further ado, here are my top 5 wardrobe picks for fall this year. 



If you don’t know what mules are, mules are a specific type of slip on shoe and it’s a style that I’ve been LOVING lately. When I went back home to Florida I picked up a pair of mules from American Eagle and I basically live in them now. I know companies like Nissolo and Everlane make beautiful, ethical shoes and their mules are popular in the fashion realm. However if you’re not quite ready to invest in a pair look for a lower end alternative like I did! They’re a great, comfy everyday shoe that goes with every outfit.


Mustard/Orange Tones

This is not a revolutionary concept BUT I love these warm, rusty tones! One of my favorite pieces I’ve picked up this season is this rust-colored jacket. I’ve paired with a deep emerald top and with white tops and it just looks so beautiful with jeans and the mules I mentioned previously. It looks effortless and cozy and once it starts getting colder I can’t wait to start wearing it more.

Bandanas / Scarves

I’m still a massive fan of bandanas/scarves and the many different ways you can wear them. I’ve been loving wearing them in my hair and on my bags and they’re just an awesome way to spice up an otherwise neutral outfit. If you want some inspiration on how to wear bandanas, check out my video where I show you 5 different hairstyles.


Circular Gold Jewelry

I’ve never been one to be into accessories but I can’t deny they can very quickly dress up any look. Lately I’ve been really into barrettes, hoops, and rings. My favorite piece of circular gold jewelry has got to be this Madewell barrette that I picked up at The Grove in LA. I’m super lazy when it comes to doing my hair so pieces like this are a life saver and make me look like I’m trying a lot harder than I actually am. 

Patterns as Neutrals

One thing I’m really excited to invest in is a piece of camouflage clothing. If you would have asked me what I thought about camo about a year ago I probably would have barfed. However I do think that patterns such as camouflage serve extremely well as neutrals. Whether its a bag, a jacker or a pair of pants for those of you a little bit braver than I, I think it would pair extremely nicely with your other neutrals and pops of colors. 

I hope this post has given you a little bit of inspiration and if you decide to rock any of these trends please make sure to let me know and tag me on instagram! I know I’ll be posting tons of autumn outfits on my Instagram as soon as the weather starts to cool down. Thanks so much for reading this week’s post and I’ll see you in the next one.

Love Always,

The Honest Pisces