Last Minute Gift Giving For Her

Merry (almost) Christmas!

Man, if you’re reading this post this means it’s crunch time and you STILL don’t know what to buy for your loved ones this Christmas. Or you’re like me and have procrastinated until the very last second. Luckily, I’m no stranger to last minute gift giving! I’ve broken down some simple, out-of-the-box and cost effective gifts for everyone on your list!

*side note: LOOK AT MY NEW WEBSITE! LOOK HOW NEW AND SHINY AND PROFESSIONAL! So for those of you that didn’t know, I used to run my little ol’ blog on Blogger which is an amazing, cost effective way to run a blog. I always recommend it to bloggers just starting out. However, I've decided that since I’ve had my blog for almost a year (and it being my Christmas gift to myself) I decided to move to Squarespace which I’ve used in the past and loved. I’m hoping this little investment will lead to new and exciting things and opportunities! Feel free to peruse the site and check out a few new features!

Ok - back to the blog !


Disposable Cameras

Film photography has definitely been making a comeback within recent years - especially with cameras like the Fujifilm Instax cameras. As someone that’s really into getting pictures printed and keeping memories all around me, things like disposable cameras and instant cameras are great gift ideas! Disposable cameras these days are only like $8 and you can get them sent out to be developed at Walgreens or Walmart. They do take up to two weeks to develop but it’s so cool to see how the pictures turn out!

Polaroid Film

I have gone through so many Polaroid cameras and while I love them, one of the things I hate having to buy is film. Giving someone with a polaroid camera a pack of film is a GREAT idea! It works great as a stocking stuffer or as a gift all on it’s own. Nowadays they let you buy 5 packs of film in bulk for about $40 at most stores or online.

DIY Scrapbook

So now that you have all of these wonderful pictures and memories, where will you put them? Sure, you’ll frame some of them but my favorite thing to do is to scrapbook them! Honestly, I know scrapbooking sounds a little lame but hear me out! A few weeks ago at Michaels I discovered a completely customizable scrapbook and I knew I just had to have it. It’s a great little book to put polaroids and pictures in while also keeping cards, movie tickets, fair tickets, and Disneyland Tickets! I couldn’t find the exact one on the Michaels website but this one is a close second and is made by the same brand. You can also you a 40% off coupon on these so they only come out to 5 or 8$!


Give the Gift of Cozy

One of the biggest things I aim to practice in 2019 is more self care. That means taking two to three nights a week to do a hair mask, a face mask, a body scrub, etc. Do whatever it is I need to do to feel good and relax. I don’t feel like enough of us (women and men) do enough to relax on a day-to-day basis. Mind you, relaxation means different things to different people but there’s nothing more satisfying to me than going home after a long day of work, getting all squeaky clean and curling up in bed. So, here’s a few ideas to give the gift of cozy (plus a lot of these can be found at Costco):

  • A good bottle of Wine. My favorites are:

    • Wilson Creek Peach Bellini

    • Wilson Creek Almond

    • Apothic Red

    • Kirkland Sangria

    • Freak Show

  • A fluffy robe

  • Slippers

  • Bath and Body Works 3-Wick Candles. My favorites are:

    • Fresh Balsam

    • Autumn Harvest

    • Sweater Weather

    • Flannel

  • Face Masks. My favorites are:

    • Bliss Pore Detox

    • Bliss Brightening Mask

    • Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

    • Any Pacifica Sheet Masks

  • Cute Mugs

  • Large, Plus Blankets

  • Fuzzy Socks


If you guys have any other last minute gift ideas, please feel free to leave them in the comments down below as I’m always looking for more Christmas gift ideas! See you guys next week!

Love Always

The Honest Pisces