The 2018 Edit | Beauty, Fashion, & Tech

First of all - MERRY CHRISTMAS! Man, I can’t believe Christmas has already come and gone. I also apologize for my last few posts being so late but this holiday season has definitely kicked my butt. Originally, I wanted to create an entire magazine edit for you guys and create something really cool. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do that but I still wanted to bring you guys my 2018 edit.

Some of my favorite blog posts to read are year-end round ups so I thought I’d take a crack at writing my own! Let me tell you - it’s really hard to remember all the products you used throughout the year and pick your absolute favorites. However, I feel I’ve picked some really solid options and I hope this inspires you to try some new products in 2019! Get ready for a long one…


Beauty was a huge part of my routine this year and between running a blog and a YouTube channel, I test out a lot of products. Here’s my top picks!

FLOWER Beauty Light Illusion Foundation

I first bought this foundation over the summer once I’d gotten a lot of color and my foundation no longer matched. I popped over to Walmart to find a cheap foundation in my color was completely surprised at how AMAZING this foundation was. It provides such a lovely dewey finish that makes you glow and healthy. I especially love that it has a perfect medium coverage, covering my uneven skin tone while still letting my skin breathe and look like skin. If you have the chance, PICK THIS UP!

L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara

This has been the only mascara I’ve used this year. I used to be a ride-or-die for the Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion mascara but this one has taken over the number one spot. It provides super feathery lashes with tons of length. Double up layers for a more clumped look or opt for a single layer and get thick, defined, long lashes. I mean, who wouldn’t want that? I did recently order the Glossier Lash Slick and I’m curious to see how that one compares to this but that will becoming in a future blog post so keep an eye out for that!

Morphe 35O

There’s a reason this palette is a cult classic. I’ve tried many different eyeshadows this year (it’s my favorite thing to try out) and this one is hands down my favorite. I have very green eyes and I love accentuating them with oranges and warm tones! Plus, you get 35 eyeshadows for about $25. You really can’t beat that. You can order the palette online and receive 10% off your order with any of their discount codes or you can actually go into one of their stores and still use a discount code. They’re all about quality products at affordable prices.

Natasha Denona Eyeshadow

I’ve been dying to try out Natasha Denona products ever since I saw Tati (GlamLifeGuru) review their products on her YouTube channel but hot damn - they’re EXPENSIVE! I finally found my chance to try them out when I was at Sephora and saw a teeny tiny sunset palette for about $25. 5 eyeshadows. For $25. That’s still pretty steep but it was as cheap as it was getting and OH MY GOSH! They’re amazing. They blend like a dream, they’re incredibly creamy, and they’re perfectly pigmented. I don’t know if I’ll ever invest in one of their larger palettes since they’re like $175 and I already have a bunch of eyeshadows but just know this - they’re quality products.

Stila Magnificent Metals Eyeshadows

These were really popular earlier this year and for good reason! Every time I wear these I get so many compliments on my eye make up. They’re a beautiful, sparkly dream on the lids. My favorite way to wear these is with a light warm brown in the crease and then this blended all over the lid. You can load it up for mega shine or you can sheer it out for a hint of glitter. They’re $30 but they do last and they’re definitely worth the price.


2018 has been the year where I really tried to explore my sense of fashion. Believe it or not, my fiancé is the one who pushes my style the most. He think I dress like a suburban mom (and I do and it’s comfy and I don’t enjoy being judged for it) so he pushes me to dress more like the trendy blogger I aspire to be. SO, here’s a few of the fashion trends I’ve been rocking in 2018.


I love skirts because they accentuate everything I love about my body. I have a rather small waist and I love high waisted skirts that accentuate that feature. I also hate my thighs and skirts do a pretty good job of covering my thighs while still showing off my legs. Skirts have just been a lifesaver this year, man. I’ve also loved pairing them with some tights and booties for the ultimate cute-but-comfortable look.


Who would’ve thought that backpacks would make such a huge comeback? I’m not mad about it! While I do constantly switch bags, I do have two go-to backpacks I love to wear and mostly when I go to Disneyland, day trips to LA, or any day Edwin and I go exploring!


Would you believe i’ve never owned a pair of Vans until this year? Best decision ever! They’re so comfy and such a great option for so many outfits. They’re great for dressing down an otherwise preppy outfit. I love wearing them with jeans for running errands or with a dress for the comfy-but-professional look. Do you see a theme here? I love my comfort!

Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are another item that I feel have really had their moment this year. They’re a great way to dress down a more formal look. I’ve loved pairing denim jackets with summer dresses. I’m still on the hunt for a high quality jacket but they can get pretty expensive. This is where thrifting comes in handy! I love going to random little thrift stores and finding some really good vintage stuff. Instead of paying $50 for a new jacket you can pay $20 for a lightly used Levi’s or Wrangler jacket. Remember, you don’t always have to spend a bunch of money to look good!


This year has pretty much been the year of tech for me! You might not know this but I’m a pretty big tech junkie. I love exploring different cameras and apps. Let’s break down the favorites.

MacBook Air

One of the biggest investments I made this year was my MacBook Air and let me tell you - I will never go back to using Microsoft again. It’s so funny because I know a lot of people that once they use Apple products, they don’t go back to PC or Microsoft and vice versa. I chose to invest in my MacBook to further my blogging and creative exploits since all my other products were from apple (like my phone and my iPad Pro). File sharing is so much easier and so much faster. I take my laptop everywhere and the MacBook Air is so perfect for traveling because it’s so lightweight. I’m a little bitter they just released a new one after I already bought mine but I’m hoping to upgrade to a MacBook Pro when the time comes!

Apple iWatch

This was another investment that I thought would be a total waste of money but DAMN now I can’t live without it. The iWatch is an amazing everyday gadget. I love that it pushes me to be a bit healthier and love how it easily tracks my workouts. I also love how I can text easily on it. It’s not always perfect BUT it gets the job done and I don't regret this purchase at all. Girls, if you’re looking for a really cute watch band, check out this one. It’s the one I bought and I have received countless compliments on it from both men and women.

Polaroid Cameras / Film Photography

I’ve always loved polaroid cameras but this year in particular I really delved deep. I know everyone uses the Fujifilm Instax minis but my personal favorite is actually the Fujifilm Wide! I love the larger pictures. One of the things I really wanted to work on in 2018 was surrounding myself with more memories and what easier way to do that than with pictures!

These were all my favorites for the year of 2018. I hope you guys decide to try some of these out and let me know if you find any new favorites! If you have any favorites that you’d like me to try out, please feel free to leave them down in the comments below. I love you all so much and thank you for reading. See you next time!

Love Always,

The Honest Pisces