Dazey LA | Small Business Sunday

Hey Guys!

This week, I wanted to talk about something that’s made its way onto my resolution list and that is supporting more ethical fashion. When I began my journey as a blogger seriously last year, I realized that the fashion and make up industries are MASSIVE money machines. I found myself ordering trendier blogger clothing from fast fashion sites and realizing they didn’t fit or they weren’t very good quality and so on. I was starting to get really frustrated with fashion and style and just resigned myself to the fact that I was really never going to find “my style.”

As I was cleaning out my closet in December (something I do every year to make sure I reduce clutter and make the most out of my clothing) I realized that I really didn’t like the majority of my wardrobe. Even more daunting, I realized all of the waste I was producing by getting rid of all these cheap pieces of clothing that I never really liked in the first place. So, I told myself that I would work on producing much less waste and took a dive into the world of ethical fashion and let me tell you - it’s awesome.

This year, I also want to focus more on showcasing smaller business so I’m Introducing Small Business Sunday on the blog! So keep an eye out for some more small brands on the blog throughout the year. I could write a whole other blog post about ethical fashion and thrifting and how to make the most of it but today I wanted to highlight one ethical fashion brand in particular that I think the entire world needs to hear about: Dazey LA.


I’m wearing the “Humanize Tee” in a size XL.

About the Brand & Creator

Dazey LA is based in - you guessed it - Los Angeles. It is “art apparel with a mission to empower women” and oh my gosh does it ever. Dazey LA was founded by Dani, a self-taught illustrator, graphic designer and photographer. She’s worked with big names such as Forever21, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters to name a few. But her passion lies with Dazey LA, a graphic apparel company dedicated to cultivating diversity and empowering individuals - not just women. Dani has created a wonderful empire that I think is incredibly relevant to today’s climate and she does it in such a stylish way. I don’t want to gush too much but if you’re interested in reading more about the Brand and Dani please make sure to check it out here.

Quality of Clothing / Sizing

Ordering online can be tricky. It feels like every brand has different ideas for a size large and it can get really stressful. I can say with full honesty that Dazey’s sizing is pretty true-to-size. I normally like my tees to fit a little bit looser / oversized but the Dazey tees are definitely more of a classic women’s fit. They’re a little bit more fitted which I’m learning to enjoy and it actually looks a lot better on me than oversized tees.

So let’s talk about what I really like about the tees! I love that they’re not a completely white tee. They are a slight off white which I really enjoy. They also already come slightly distressed which gives it a strong vintage feel that I love! The graphics are super high quality and won’t flake off or fade. Each tee is actually made to order which is awesome but it does also mean that production time takes longer and so does shipping. I think it took almost 2 - 3 weeks to receive my shirts but the owner Dani has acknowledged this and it working on deleting some older styles to ramp up the turn around time. Dazey is about to have another round of “Dazey Delete” in which some styles will be retired and they’ll be having a massive sale on their site!


I’m wearing the “Love More” Tee in XL.

Overall Thoughts & Opinions

I give Dazey a strong 10/10. I love the message behind this brand, I love that they embrace slow, ethical fashion, I love that I’m supporting a small, local business, I love how much this brand involves their ambassadors, and I love they are constantly posting women of all sizes and ethnicity. The only real gripe I had was the turn around time after ordering however I know they’re working hard to change that. Seriously, do yourself a favor and follow Dazey on Instagram so you can get a real behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run and manage a small business. Dani is very open and honest about her struggles!

The shirts are not inexpensive so If you guys would like to try out anything from Dazey, I do have my discount code which is “BECCAGETS10” to get 10% off of your orders! Keep in mind that it’s a small business and it’s quality merchandise so you are paying for the quality and labor of these pieces. They also offer bags, jewelry, accessories, and so much more so make sure you spend some time on their site!

Thank you guys so much for reading today’s post and if you get anything make sure to tag me on Instagram wearing your Dazey items!

Love Always,

The Honest Pisces