Say "Hello" to THP Denim

Man, I am so excited for today’s blog post. It’s a short one but oh-so-exciting!

So if you’re not following me on all my other social media platforms this launch will come as a total shock to you. For the past month i’ve been working on my latest project which is THP Denim.


What is THP Denim?

THP Denim started out as my baby. I had gone to Box Lunch one day and bought a bunch of buttons to put on a denim jacket. I’d gotten the idea to customize my own jacket for my trips to Disneyland. I took a poll over on my Instagram asking if anyone would be interested in their own custom denim and the amount of support I got was overwhelming. So, I slowly started practicing and started to get used to painting (a medium i’d never been super confident in) and denim (a fabric i’ve never painted on).

And I LOVED it. So I decided to start my true side hustle.

I received so many custom orders and questions asking if I would be opening up a shop and today I finally have! Given the amount of custom orders I had piling up, I found it super discouraging that I didn’t have enough to create stock of my store. So, I took on an assistant.

Meet Mackayla


Mackayla is my assistant artist and she will be in charge of creating the bulk of the ready-to-ship jackets while I focus mainly on custom orders. What started out as a solo project quickly grew into a partnership along with our friend Shanon who so graciously drives us to Disney and agrees to take video for us. Mack is a truly gifted artist as well as a beautiful individual and I trust her whole-heartedly to help create content for the shop. In every item description i’ll list If a jacket was painted by either her or myself!

What to Expect from THP Denim

THP Denim will not only cater to young women! We do lots of little boys and girls jackets as well as men’s denim and leather. Order jackets for every occasion like your bridesmaids, a bride in your life, music festivals, photoshoots, Disney trips and so on. We’re so incredibly happy for this first step and have many more plans to grow.

Make sure to take a look in our shop and check out our homepage to see more of our work!