My First Experience Trying on Wedding Dresses

It’s been so, so long since I’ve written a wedding blog post and that makes me so sad! I’m dying to write tons of wedding posts but I have to wait on a few things (like asking all my bridesmaids to be my bridesmaids so I can show you all the adorable boxes I put together for them!). In the meantime, I thought I’d share with you all what it was like trying on wedding dresses for the first time! Spoiler alert: it was magical.

Growing up, my mother was a seamstress. Actually, she used to be an engineer and that was super cool but after she became a mom she decided she wanted something a bit simpler. So she got a job as a seamstress at a local boutique back home in Florida. She still is! I was in college at the time she really started to get a lot of work in. I remember her begging me to try on the wedding dresses she would have to alter to make sure everything fit correctly and that the hems were cut at the right length. I remember thinking that one day I would have to try on wedding dresses for myself and I would get so excited!

Watching my mom alter prom and wedding dresses and seeing her struggle with such large skirts or brides with unrealistic expectations I decided that my dress would be simple. I wanted something with straps, an A-line shape, and minimal layers. I was so dead set on it that I couldn’t really see myself getting married in anything else. But I also knew that, when it comes to wedding dresses, you have to go in with an open mind.

Originally, I wanted to wait until closer to the wedding to try on dresses. I wanted to lose weight and I wanted to give myself time. However, I was just so excited after having taken one of my best friends and bridesmaids to try on her wedding dresses that I booked myself an appointment immediately after. When I discovered the BHLDN line ( the bridal line by Anthropologie ) I immediately fell in love with the dresses. I loved how classy yet out-of-the-box they were. So, I made my list of favorites and I made my appointment and anxiously waited until the day arrived.

Myself and my future mother-in-law drove to Newport Beach for our 2 o’clock appointment. I was excited. I was nervous. I was anxious. Siting in the waiting area and looking at all the beautiful dresses it finally started to hit me that I was getting married. I was looking for my dress. Which, of course, I wasn’t planning on finding that day but… I did. At least I’m pretty sure I did. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

As I was talking with my consultant and looking at some of the dresses I had picked out I was told some were out of stock or discontinued so I chose a few others from the rack - including ones I had previously said I didn’t want: strapless and poofy. After putting on the first dress that had everything I wanted I realized I hated it! I didn’t hate it because I thought it was ugly I just hated it because I realized it didn’t flatter me at all. And would you believe me if I told you the second dress I tried on that had nothing that I originally wanted was the dress I fell in love with?

I just felt like a total princess the moment I put it on. I felt like a bride. I looked at myself in the dressing room mirror and I felt the biggest smile come across my face. I walked outside to show my future mother-in-law and when I saw myself in the mirror with all the lights and the veil I just started crying. “I’m getting married!!” I thought. Every other dress I put on after that fell flat compared to the second one. Of course, leave it to me to fall in love with a dress that is $600 over budget but I told myself I have time to save up for it.

While it was only the first visit I just really felt like I had found my dress. Of course i’m still going to try more on just because It’s fun and it’s something I want to do with my bridesmaids but I don’t feel like anything will top that dress. My only regret of this entire process is that my mom can’t be here with me when I try on dresses or brainstorm decorations. I think that planning this wedding has just made the distance feel that much worse. I realize she’s not there for the big moments. But I know she’s happy and she’s proud and she’ll be here when she can.

Overall, my first experience trying on wedding dresses was absolutely magical and wonderful and I just surrendered myself to the process without feeling self-conscious about my body. I highly suggest you check out BHLDN if you haven’t already because, yes - their dresses really are that beautiful in real life.

To all of my fellow brides - please share your wedding dress shopping experience in the comments! I love getting to hear everyone’s stories. In the meantime, I’ll see you in the next post!

Love Always

The Honest Pisces