Where I've Been, Moving, & The Future of THP | Update

To say that It’s been a long time since I've written a blog post is an understatement. For that, I’m sorry. Life has been so incredibly crazy these last few months and I’m here to update you on all of it.


Where I’ve Been…

Over the last few months, I’ve just been in such a creative slump. I don’t know what videos to film, I don’t know what blog posts to write… It just got to be really frustrating which sucks because I love creating content. I love writing blog posts. I love sharing bits of my life online with my audience. I’ve tried putting myself on uploading schedules and set aside time specifically for writing pots but the reality is that my hours are constantly changing at work, I went from working late nights to working super early mornings… It just got really hard keeping up with, what I like to call, my “extracurricular activities.”

Over the past two months I started taking my niece and nephew to school in the mornings before heading into work and damn do I have a new found respect for parents. As much as I love my niece and nephew they can still be a handful and I give full props to my sister for being such an awesome mom. Like I mentioned, I started working earlier shifts since I've switched departments so my days typically were like:

4:45 am - wake up & have breakfast

5: 25 am - drive to my sisters house (since she lives in the next town over and traffic is really bad I have to leave early to make it there at 6 am)

6 am - chill until the kids wake up and then make breakfast, help with homework, do their hair, take care of the dogs, etc.

8:20 - drop the kids off

9 - 5:30 - Work

6 - Come home, exhausted

Now, for those of you that are parents, this might be a normal day for you. But my entire schedule was flipped on it’s head in an instant and I had to get used to a whole new one. I tried to take advantage of the earlier shifts and thought “Hey, maybe now I can start going to the gym” and have I gone? NOPE. I’m so tired by the end of my work day that all I want to do is go home, shower, and sleep before I have to do it all over again the next day.

This routine left very little room for me to blog or film and if I had a weekend day off I’d want to spend it with my fiancé. But, I no longer have to take the kids to school in the morning and have had a lot more time to rest and take a little bit of time for myself before returning to content creating.



This is the real update I wanted to talk about and one that I’m sure a lot of you are probably going to be shocked to hear but: Edwin and I are moving! And not just moving into a new city. We’re moving to a new state all together.

I’d say about a year ago Edwin and I started toying around with the idea of possibly moving to Chicago to be closer to a support system of friends we could trust, get outside of our comfort zone, and just finally live a life we wanted. While California is great, living here the past two and a half years has been really eye-opening. While my time in California has been culturally educational, fun, and has provided me with new friendships, it just isn’t the place Edwin and I see us raising a family or realistically living.

It’s so frustrating to me when I hear people tell me “well, it’s just as expensive to live in Chicago as it is in California” or “Don’t you know the crime rate in Chicago is, like, the worst in the country?” or “Why would you move to Chicago when the weather there is terrible?!” . I’m not an idiot. I am not moving to across the country again just because I went on vacation and I liked the area. This isn’t a completely spur-of-the-moment decision. It’s something we’ve been thinking about for a while and something we’re really excited about.

Unfortunately for us, our living current living circumstances just aren’t the best and we’re making a decision we honestly should have made a long time ago. We’ve grown stagnant in our jobs, in our health, and our mental and emotional well-being are just not where they should be. We’re excited to be around all of our friends and to be in a city with promising job opportunities. It’s exciting to look at places together and think about the space he and I will have to create new memories - just the two of us.

So, to everyone telling us not to do it - please, keep your opinions to yourself. To everyone supporting us and sending us positive vibes - thank you. This whole process has been incredibly stressful and overwhelming but we’re so excited about the endless possibilities.


The Future of “The Honest Pisces”…

So, where does this leave the blog? My brand? Well, I’ll tell you…

A whole new world of opportunities has just opened up. Edwin and I get to explore a whole new city, I get to share all new experiences, tips and tricks, and a slew of new content will be coming your way. I never intend to stop blogging or filming videos because it’s still such a huge passion of mine. If anything, I’ll be creating content even more frequently than before.

THP Denim had also taken a bit of a hiatus during the madness that is planning the logistics of a move and working a full-time job but it will be back up and running in no time.

I can finally have a space dedicated to filming, living closer to the city will provide Edwin and I with more opportunities to take pictures and explore new places, and I know our friends will be so happy to welcome us. It’s crazy to think that this is finally happening but I’m so glad that it is. To my dedicated readers, thank you for always being so supportive and I’m grateful for you. Im elated for this new journey and I hope you come along with us.

Until next time,

Love Always,

The Honest Pisces