5 Tips for Thrifting Total Gems

Hey friends!

This weeks post is going to be something totally new for me here on the blog. If you’ve been following along on my Instagram or my YouTube, you will have noticed that I’m slowly dipping my toes into the world of slow fashion, sustainable fashion, and thrifting. I used to be so against thrifting because I just thought it was dirty and weird.

However, since watching so many “Thrift With Me’s” on YouTube I discovered that not only is thrifting way better for the environment, it’s also a great way to find ACTUAL vintage pieces for super cheap. You’re not paying $50-$60 or more for a blazer at somewhere like Urban Outfitters. I’ve become a total thrifting fiend and have found some absolute gems in my last year of thrifting. I’m kind of tempted to do a video styling all of my thrifted pieces to show you guys how versatile a thrifted wardrobe can be. BUT - that’s for another day.

Today I’m going to be sharing with you my top tips for thrifting amazing pieces! Let’s get started.

1. Go in With an Open Mind

I’ve discovered I do some of my best thrifting when I have a very loose idea of what I want to buy. Sometimes I go in with no ideas at all! I’ll have a trend I’ll look out for like a blazer or a leopard skirt or shoes but nothing concrete. Going in with an open mind does two things:

  • Leaves you unrestricted so you can look at ALL pieces - not just trends you’re trying to thrift.

  • Won’t leave you feeling too disappointed if you don’t find something you’re looking for because you might walk out with something else!

Thrifting isn’t like going to your local mall. It takes time! Sometimes you find something really cute that isn’t your size and you have to live with that heartbreak. Sometimes you walk away feeling like a total boss because you just spent $1.50 on a cute new graphic tee. It’s all about seeing every option!

This shirt was $1.50 and normally not something i would wear! But I loved that it was black, had a little pocket, and a cool flame graphic on the back! It’s all about pushing your style!

This shirt was $1.50 and normally not something i would wear! But I loved that it was black, had a little pocket, and a cool flame graphic on the back! It’s all about pushing your style!

2. ALWAYS Check the Men’s Section

Tell me why I always have better luck thrifting graphic tees from the mens section than I do the women’s section? It’s so crazy! The best part is that the men’s clothing is almost always way cheaper than the women’s section. I once paid $3 total for two shirts from the mens sections and $6 for one shirt alone from the women’s section. Insane, right? The great thing about thrifting men’s shirts is the versatility. Since high-waisted jeans are so on trend right now oversized men’s tees are a great styling option. I love tucking my shirts in to create an edgier, 90s tomboy vibe, cutting them into crop tops, or tying them up in the front. You can also try thrift-flipping a lot of men’s tops like adding distressing or cutting men’s jeans to make cut off shorts. The possibilities are endless, honestly.

3. Think Outside Your Style Box

I mentioned this in my latest video but one of the things I love most about thrifting is the way it pushes you outside of your style box. I’ve bought quite a few things that I would never normally gravitate towards if it were in a normal store. I think especially because thrift store prices are typically so low it pushes me to think “Okay, this is cute. How can I elevate this and make it work for my style?” It’s like a puzzle. Sometimes things you think will look terrible end up surprising you and that’s true for anything in life. The best things in life always end up taking us by surprise!

4. Go on Sale Days or During the Week

Thrifting has become huge over the last year and some people get really competitive about it! I’ve seen a line of people waiting outside of a Goodwill or Savers on 50% off days. Which, i didn’t even know that thrift stores had sales?! My tip for sale days is definitely get there early if you can! If you go later in the day the racks will most likely already have been picked through and you won’t be left with too many options.

Another tip is to go during the week if you can. I avoid going to thrift stores during the weekends if possible because, again, it can get really crowded and people tend to get really territorial over their area. Going during the week allows you to enjoy looking through everything. And I do mean everything. Keep in mind that you really have to look at each individual piece. This was something that really frustrated me when I first started thrifting because I tried treating it like a regular shopping experience and it’s not. It’s a lot more fun and a lot more rewarding when you spend the time combing over everything and finally finding the piece that you’ve been looking for!


This dress was $5.99 and it’s literally become my go-to! Especially on these hot summer days!

5. Location, Location, Location

Okay, so this next one is going to sound kind of shallow but HEAR ME OUT! The location of the thrift stores MATTER. I do most of my thrifting in the Temecula area because the people there typically tend to have more money, so they buy nicer things. When they no longer want those nice things they get donated and then they end up at your local thrift store - where I can now buy nicer items for a fraction of the price. The only downside to this is that sometimes the thrift store will mark up the price more than normal because they know it’s an expensive item to begin with. The LA area is a great place to thrift as well because there is SO. MUCH. MONEY in that area. I mean, it’s basically a requirement that you have to be rich to live in LA. Okay, it isn’t really but still! It’s not cheap living near the city. In any case, I still think this is something to keep in mind when looking at what stores to check out.

TIP: If you’ve checked out your local thrift stores and still can’t find the trend you’re looking for, check out Platos Closet. Since they cater to a younger cliental, you might have better luck finding trends like bike shorts, anything neon, and much more. The prices tend to be a little higher than your typical Goodwill or Savers but you’ll still end up spending less there than anywhere else. I just don’t recommend selling your clothes with them.

I bring in such high quality stuff and only ever get paid a few dollars. Not worth it. Try reselling on Poshmark or Depop before you go here. Which, if you don’t know about online thrifting you’re missing out! ThredUP is a great place to check out as well.

I hope you found this post helpful! I had a lot of fun writing it and if I can help you all look stylish without spending a ton of $$ then I’m happy! I’ll see you guys in the next one!