Bridesmaids Boxes | Tips + Tricks + How I Made Mine

Hey Guys!

I’m so happy to be back with another blog post - especially a wedding blog post! Today’s going to be a quick one. I get a lot of questions about how I put together my bridesmaids boxes but I was waiting until I officially asked all my girls before I shared pictures! There’s tons of ways to put together bridesmaids boxes and proposals. Some are really elaborate and some are super simple. It all just depends on your bridal party.

Today I’m going to be sharing with you how I put together my girls’ boxes on a budget, why I chose the items I did, and how I chose to arrange them!


The Box

First of all, let’s start with the boxes! I played around with a few different ideas for the boxes. I loved the idea of having a wooden box with a clear lid so you could see inside but they start getting really expensive. I didn’t want to just put everything in a little gift bag either. I wanted the girls to be able to keep the boxes and put little memories of the wedding and bachelorette parties inside. I also wanted to boxes to be pretty so they could display them if they wanted. In the end i ended up going with these boxes from Amazon! They were super inexpensive, easy to put together, and came in a pack that included a Maid of Honor box as well as the Bridesmaids boxes!


The Goodies

For the longest time I was struggling to think of what to put in the boxes. I wanted to get my girls gifts that meant something. Things that were cute and cheesy and still had that “Bride Squad” feel to them but also something they could use everyday and still be reminded of being in the wedding. I thought these Alex and Ani bracelets with their initials were a perfect gift. I knew my girls well enough to know that they either didn’t have this specific bracelet or an Alex and Ani bracelet in general. They were definitely the star of the box! I spent the bulk of the budget for the boxes on these bracelets. I spent about $120 on these bracelets total and I also got them on sale! Weddings can get expensive very quickly and keeping an eye out for sales whenever you can is super helpful!

The hair ties are also something I bought off of amazon. These were supposed to be our original wedding colors (maroon, black and gold) but we’ve since changed that. Either way, these are still super cute! I also bought everyone shot glasses that said “Bride Tribe” that were originally from Francescas! They’re not pictured here but they were pink and SUPER cute. Did I mention they were also on sale for a total steal? The girls loved it and I feel like they provided the right amount of “cheesiness” to the box.

The candles were another great little touch to the box! Getting gifts with scents can be tricky as not everyone likes the same thing. I went with a neutral little peony scent (because what girl DOESN’T love peonies) and everyone loved it! For the last gift I thought a small bottle of wine to pop open and celebrate would be a nice touch!

The last thing I did was write a letter to each of my girls telling them how much their friendship meant to me and how I couldn’t wait for them to spend my big day with me. Your bridesmaids are going to be your support system. It’s important to choose girls you know will have your back no matter what throughout your wedding journey. I felt so confident in my choices and I can’t wait to see them stand next to me when I get married.


So many of my friends are getting married this year and next year and it makes my heart so incredibly happy! I love seeing everyone planning their weddings and shopping for their dresses! My wedding still feels like it’s so far away but i know the journey is part of the fun. Not everyone agrees with long engagements but at the end of the day it’s important to make the choices that you want.

If you’re also getting married - or even if you’re not - let me know how you put together or would put together your boxes! I love getting new ideas and seeing how creative you all are.

Until next time!

Love Always

The Honest Pisces