Chic & Affordable Spots in Chicago

Well, Edwin and I have officially been Chicago Residents for almost a month now! I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by - and how much we’ve already accomplished! Living in the city definitely makes it way easier (and way more exciting) to get out and explore. Edwin and I have finally settled into our apartment and it’s been awesome getting to settle in and really make the place our own.

But you’re not here for that! You’re here because you’re visiting or have recently moved to the Chicago area! There are still so many places I’ve yet to discover here but I wanted to share some of my favorite things and places I’ve experienced so far.

Au Cheval / Small Cheval

The great (and terrible) thing about Chicago is that there are so many great spots but they can also get super crowded. Especially during the weekends. This burger place is one of my favorites! I recommend going to a Small Cheval (which is just a smaller location than the original Au Cheval) since there’s usually not as long of a wait!



Holy. Deep Dish. Pizza. When I first got here this was all I wanted to eat. I mean, heaps of cheese and bread? Count me in! This turned me into a deep dish lover 100%. Giordano’s are super popular here along with Lou Malnati’s but i love G’s pizza way more. If you’re a fan of tomatoes then you might like Lou’s chunky sauce way more. I can’t believe I don’t have any pictures of this amazing pizza - probably because I devour it before I can ever get a good picture.

The J. Parker

Rooftop bars are a really big deal here in the city! In fact I have 3 of them on this list. I’m glad Edwin and I managed to move here right before the winter so we can experience all the great bars! The J. Parker is located inside the Lincoln hotel and has a great indoor/outdoor space! My favorite drink has go to be the Pina Colada.

The Signature Room

This is an bar within the Hancock building downtown. I actually ended up going to this bar on a whim one night when my friends and I were going to watch the fireworks down at Navy Pier. It’s dark and slightly pricey and it’s definitely the kind of place you should dress up for but it’s great if you want to grab some light food or just a beer with friends. This place also has a great view of the fireworks! I suggest showing up 30 minutes before the fireworks and grabbing a table that overlooks the pier! It’s stunning.


Cindy’s Rooftop Bar

I went here when I visited back in May and it has one of my favorite views in the city as it overlooks Millennium Park. This place gets pretty packed after work hours and especially during the weekend. If you want to eat make sure you get a reservation. If not, you can finagle your way to the outside porch area and grab a drink from the bar outside and take in the view of the lake.

Maison Marcel

We’re switching gears from rooftop bars to coffee shops! Maison Marcel now has two locations: one in Lakeview (which is the one I frequent) and a new location in Lincoln Park! This French Boulangerie is an Instagram/Coffee lover’s dream! the decor and aesthetic is adorable. They also offer alcoholic beverages if you’re in the mood. Very chill vibe and very sweet staff.


Cubs Game

I’m pretty sure it’s mandatory to go to a Cubs game if you live anywhere near the city. Edwin and I recently attended a game (his second and my first!) and it was so much fun! $50 will get you some decent bleacher seats if you want to go last minute. I think we bought our tickets the week before the game. My only recommendation is to bring one of those little portable bleacher seats because your butt WILL get sore. But grab a beer, go with friends, and enjoy the game! Wrigley is one of the best stadiums I’ve been to. Every seat is a great seat!

Chicago Riverwalk

The first time I stepped out of Union Station and saw Chicago for the first time I think I fell in love. I love being by water and the fact that there’s a river running through the city just makes it 10 times more beautiful to me. I love walking across the bridges and watching the boats and kayakers on the river. It’s always windy (I finally get why they call it The Windy City ahah) and it’s almost always a beautiful day. I’m pretty sure it’ll be the first thing I show anyone when they come visit me!


The Hampton Social

This place is so special to me! I went here with three of my best friends when I asked them to be my bridesmaids! We started off our day of trying on wedding dresses here! Let me tell you - it doesn’t disappoint. This place is an Instagrammer’s dream - complete with a massive neon sign that read “Rosé All Day” beautiful beach house decor, and Frosé (frozen rosé). We induldged in Frosé, pizza, calamary, and garlic aoili fries. Originally we had gone to try out their brunch but they only do it certain days. Nonetheless, it was freakin delicious.


Wrigleyville / The Happy Camper

Ok so this is a two-for-one! Wrigleyville is an awesome bar scene right next to - you guessed it - Wrigley Stadium. My favorite bar we’ve been to is one called Happy Camper. Not only is it absolutely beautiful, it has what I consider to be the best non-deep dish pizza in the city! Bold claim - I know. But trust me when I say it’s the best. Feel free to come here after a game or on a regular night out!


I hope you all enjoyed my favorite spots in the city so far! It’s been so fun getting to explore this new little corner of the country. I never thought I’d get the chance to move around so much and see so many cool new places. If you have any cool spots I should check out, make sure to drop them in the comments down below!

See you next time!